How to Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Feng Shui BAGUA MAP is one of the many tools within Feng Shui that is easy to apply and can help open up good energy flow to assist you with manifesting your goals.


Your home is a mirror reflection of who you are and what is going on in your life according to Feng Shui. With a little awareness and some simple adjustments using things you already own, you can cultivate powerful shifts of energy to create a more effortless path to get to where you desire to go in life.

Calm. Balance. Harmony.

The “Feng Shui Now: Mapping Out Your Home for Harmony & Success” eGuide from certified Feng Shui consultant Heather Melcer of Harmony In Motion Feng Shui, is a trusted source to help you pull it all together and create more peaceful energy in your home and life. Working with the Feng Shui Bagua Map is a great way to either get started with Feng Shui or take it to another level.

How to apply the Bagua map to your floorplan, tips

This concise eGuide is a practical, down-to-earth, instructional guide that will teach you how to map out your home according to the 9 energy centers of Feng Shui (using Wetern/BTB method), and how to make changes to bring about success in each area including: Career, Relationships, Fame, Family, Wealth, Helpful People & Travel, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, and Health. You will begin to view your home/office differently and gain a deeper understanding of your space, what it says about your life or work and how to effectively make changes to cultivate success and really get things moving.

Abundance. Creativity. Success.

How to apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map and Cures for the Bagua Map

Using the suggestions and diagrams in this guide, in just a few pages and mere minutes, you’ll achieve a great deal of newfound awareness as well as hands-on practical know-how to put ideas into action. Written in user-friendly language for both the Feng Shui beginner and the long time enthusiast, this information can be applied to any type, style or size of space, from one-room studios to multi-bedroom mansions and everything in-between. This is the “quick-start,” yet truly comprehensive, manual of how to “plug-in” everything and get up and running enjoying many benefits of Feng Shui in no time at all

[PDF file, 36 pages – Instant Download]

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Sections you will learn about, it’s like a home consultation in a few pages:

• Welcome & Introduction

• The 9 Bagua Areas of Your Home
Learn what they are and the colors and definitions for each.

• What Do You Want?
Create a starting point for your journey into Feng Shui.

• Mapping Out Your Home
A dozen floorplan diagrams with clear explanations that show you how.

• Truly Seeing Your Home
Learn what your environment is really saying about your life.

• A Tour of the House: What Belongs Where
Items and ideas of what should be put in each area.

• Results
How to assess that the energy is working.

• A Few Final Thoughts

The Feng Shui BAGUA MAP can be applied
to any size space of home or office,
from one room studios to big mansions
and everything in-between.

Using the Feng Shui Bagua Map for your Home, Office, Apartment, Condo or bedroom

p.s. – What the heck is an eGuide you might ask? eBook wasn’t quite fitting as it’s not grueling in length. And I know we live in a texting, facebook’ing, tweeting world and want our info “NOW”! You know how when you buy some major piece of electronics equipment like a home theater system for example, and then you go home and unpack the boxes to find it comes with 2 things? That’s right, there’s one big thick manual (which almost no one ever reads), and a nice handy fold-out quick-start guide to tell you what all the pieces are, put things into position, connect all the wires properly and before you know it in just a few hours you’re up and running making popcorn ready to enjoy your first movie. So that’s why it’s called an eGuide. It’s an instructional manual to get you up and running incorporating the basic principles of the feng shui BAGUA MAP in your home so you can start seeing results. But don’t let the size fool you, it’s incredibly dense and packed with details!

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